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About us

Beirut Builders is an established Real Estate Development company located in Beirut, Lebanon.
Beirut Builders have completed over 20 projects mostly in the residential sector, including high-rise towers, private residences, villas, palaces and is also involved in the healthcare sector, through the restoration of medical centers and clinics.
The company has built a dynamic synergy through experienced engineers, architects and planners supported by their skilled operators and on-site technical teams who are the key asset to their high-end executed projects.
Beirut Builders fully supports its end users as it helps them clearly define their choices through the entire real estate development process, from legal analysis to technical and environmental laws.

Beirut Builders' Mission is to realize its clients' dreams through distinctive and state-of-the-art designed techniques and developments.
We are fully present and supportive with our end users project objectives to help them clearly define their choices through the entire process, from legal analysis to technical and environmental laws.

Beirut Builders' Vision is to become a reference in the real estate industry by differentiating itself in terms of level of client relationship, quality of deliverables and professional project management.

Beirut Builders' Values :
Transparency for Beirut Builders is key in building and maintaining client trust.
Professionalism: Beirut Builders strongly believes that a client is a partner with whom a long-lasting and professional relationship should be built.
Timeliness: for Beirut Builders, delivering timely projects is as important as delivering a high-end product.

Real Estate Development

Building are delivered with the best achievable quality and with the most adequate budget.

Beirut Builders is highly involved in the whole real estate transformation process, from the purchase of raw land to the fully developed property.
The company coordinates investment and development risks through profitable activities such as space and budget analyses from defining, to realizing and designing the whole project infrastructure through our highly cooperative development team.

Project Management

Beirut Builders aims to deliver the highest levels of service through outstanding efficiency.

Beirut Builders is composed of a dynamic workforce team of highly qualified engineers, architects and project managers.
It offers a wide range of services through their solid partnerships and their on-site technical teams, which include:
structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architects and interior design specialists.